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Vegetable fiber coatings.

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For some years, vegetable fiber flooring has been increasingly successful. They come in a multitude of models, materials and packaging. In front of this display of more and more supplied goods, it is not easy to find the coating that meets your expectations. That's why, this week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the characteristics of different vegetable fiber coatings.

The coconut

Folder-coatings ground vegetable-fiber-: folder-coatings

Coconut flooring consists of two layers. The top layer is made with the vegetable fiber of the bark of the coconut. Thick and dense, it can be braided, woven or herringbone, but remains relatively coarse. It is available in different shades ranging from dark brown to light beige. This layer is glued on a rubber underlay with more or less chemical products, as is the case for most vegetable fiber coatings. Thus, contrary to popular belief, these are not necessarily ecological coatings. However, we appreciate the excellent value for money coconut, due to affordable rates, from five euros per square meter, associated with excellent resistance to wear and dust. It can therefore be installed in all rooms of the house. The only shadows on the board seem to be its rough texture, which makes it uncomfortable to touch, as well as the difficulties to remove stains. For its daily maintenance, we just vacuum it. However it must be shampooed at least twice a year with a specific product.

The seagrass.

Folder-coatings ground vegetable-fiber-: fiber

Seagrass coatings consist of plant fibers from an Asian aquatic plant. They can be twisted, braided or seasoned, in beige or green tones that evolve over time. The seagrass is a cheap product, from six euros per square meter, which offers the advantage of enduring moisture and resisting dirt. Imputrescible, it is therefore ideal for water rooms, provided they are aired regularly to prevent mold, as well as for passage rooms. Regret, however, that it is particularly rough and that it retains the dust. We will avoid this coating in the rooms. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain with the vacuum cleaner, as well as being careful to moisten it slightly from time to time so that it retains its shine.


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Sisal is a top-of-the-range floor covering, starting from fifteen euros per square meter, whose fibers come from the leaves of a plant of the agave family, growing in the subtropical regions. Sisal, naturally ecru and satin, can be dyed but also woven, seasoned, curly or braided. He gives free rein to all decorative fantasies. Besides its elegance, we also appreciate its softness, which makes it a coating of choice for bedrooms. Nevertheless, it is extremely sensitive to water and stains, which does not work in its favor especially in living rooms, water features and passage rooms. However, this problem can be remedied with a waterproofing treatment. As for its maintenance, it requires a daily suction and a shampoo fortnightly.

The jute.

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Jute flooring is made from fiber from the plant of the same name, the family Tiliaceae, grown in tropical countries. Like sisal, jute offers us a wide variety of choices as to its appearance, which can be curly, braided, woven, seasoned or even colored. It offers the advantage of being supple but also silky, which makes it pleasant to the eye as well as to the touch. As refined as it is, the jute has some flaws, including its fragility. In addition, it is extremely sensitive to moisture and stains, although its daily maintenance is relatively simple. Jute finds its place exclusively in bedrooms and rooms with low passage.

Finally, before choosing your floor, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to look at its origin. In fact, these products, which often come from the other side of the world, have a high ecological footprint, which they owe to their transport and packaging. Thus, these materials that we are presented as "natural" or "green" are sometimes far from respecting our environment.

Hélène David - HandymanDuanche - January 8, 2010

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