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The other aspects of the "home cinema" file: The cinema is invited into the house. Flat screen: make the right choice! Sound his home cinema. Decorate your home cinema.

Home cinema: the opinion of a pro

Interview of Jean-Marie Noguier, creator of the site

Home theater file: tips from Jean-Marie Noguier: theater

This week, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the advice of a long-time enthusiast and designer home cinema. To guide you in the realization of your own projection room, Jean-Marie Noguier has agreed to engage in a small game of questions and answers.

Which home cinema equipment currently has the most success?

Making a private home theater room is not always easy: lack of space, spousal agreement or too high budget are not easy obstacles to overcome. For this reason the most successful equipment is the complete 5.1 systems including the DVD player, the amp (which includes the subwoofer), and the five speakers. Better still, 2.1 systems that create the sound environment (surround) with only two speakers and the subwoofer. These complete kits start at around 500 euros.

What advice would you give to a novice who wants to acquire a home cinema system?

First, define your budget, because it is very easy to get carried away and spend several thousand euros. Then check with renowned stores such as FNAC, Connexion, but especially specialized stores that often offer very attractive prices and especially provide the buyer with all the necessary advice. Namely that the products offered are different between supermarkets and specialty stores, and that they are not more expensive.

What are the pitfalls to avoid when designing your own home cinema?

First the material: we must prefer brands that guarantee quality. Then the design of home cinema: some rules must be respected to get the best of its equipment. If it is a dedicated room, the materials to use are very important. This topic is quite broad, there are specialized websites, forums and specialized magazines in which all the advice concerning the treatment and the acoustic insulation, the treatment of the sound, the calibration of the image, etc. are found. If it is a home theater integrated in a lounge, there are some tips that can optimize the results. first example concerning the image: put a very dark color behind the screen to increase the level of contrast. Second example concerning the sound: placing a carpet in front of the subwoofer will have the effect of increasing the bass level, very useful for big-screen movies. To avoid absolutely: the products of big surfaces and also the elements at the end of their life which are no longer up to standard. Example: a flat screen HD Ready that no longer meets the standards.

In terms of high definition what do you think is the most interesting standard?

Regarding broadcasters (flat screens, video projectors), the current standard is 1080p HD TV. It is this which makes it possible to obtain at the moment the most beautiful image. The TNT tuners must also have the HD label.

What is the budget for basic equipment but of good quality?

For a dedicated movie theater, there are no limits. But with elbow grease and a little know-how, it is possible to create a home cinema room with around 1500 euros (without the equipment). For home theater elements, the cheapest and good quality systems cost about 500 euros. These are 2.1 systems that reproduce surround effects effectively. The cheapest 102 cm screens now cost less than 800 euros. DVD players are now very inexpensive but I advise to opt for a DVD player Blu-ray (High Definition), whose prices keep decreasing (about 250 euros for the cheapest).

The other aspects of the "home cinema" file: The cinema is invited into the house. Flat screen: make the right choice! Sound his home cinema. Decorate your home cinema.

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