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The other aspects of the "Painting" file: The big families of paintings. The different finishes of paint The ecological paints.

The paintings of tomorrow.

Painting file: the paintings of tomorrow: file

While synthetic paints are doomed to disappear, a new generation of coatings is emerging. Newcomers to the market, smart paints compete with innovation and ingenuity to appeal to consumers. If nurseries and hospitals have already adopted them, individuals should soon join them. To learn more, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover these paintings that will soon be part of our daily lives.

What is a smart painting?

Excellent quality and high performance coating, ecological paints are not just about beautifying your walls. They actively and durably defend your well-being but also your comfort and your health. Avant-gardists, the Germans were the first to develop these paintings with more than astonishing virtues.

Paintings for a healthier habitat.

Painting file: the paintings of tomorrow: tomorrow

For less flying and more comfort, there have been some insecticidal paints for some time. By releasing a toxic substance as soon as the animal touches the wall, this coating avoids you many inconveniences. The fungicidal paint, with zero edibility, can not serve as a support mold, which prevents their appearance. Add to this list the acaricidal paints, recommended for people with asthma, or subject to many allergies and paints that purify the air or those that destroy smoke and electromagnetic waves, not to mention bad smells. If these paintings are still few, their range continues to grow and innovate.

Paintings for a more fun habitat.

Painting file: the paintings of tomorrow: paintings

Far from health issues, new, more decorative paintings have recently emerged. The paintings "blackboard" offer you the opportunity to transform your walls into a real slate schoolboy to write or draw at will. More high-tech, home theater paints turn any smooth, hard surface into a projection screen. The magnetic paintings, more playful, magnetize your walls allowing you to hold photos or turn it into a sticky note. Equally fun, the thermoreactive paint changes color to heat. Appreciated by the addicts of the decor, these new upholstery still display quite high prices and are packaged in small pots.

If nothing stops progress, Handyman DuPanche wonders where the limits of intelligent paintings end. In addition to their wonderful qualities, what about their ecological impact? ¨To find out, go to 2010, when paintings deemed too polluting or toxic will be removed from the sale in the European Union. In the meantime, if the adventure tempts you, be sure to read the composition of your intelligent painting, so that it is on the packaging.

The other aspects of the "Painting" file: The big families of paintings. The different finishes of paint The ecological paints.

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