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Foundation footings refer to the concrete foundations that are put in place to support the walls of your future home. The soles can be built in trenches with a reinforcement, or in a formwork.

Foundation footings: definition and role

The role of the foundations of a house is to equitably distribute the weight of the building on the ground. Foundation soles support the house: they are built where the foundation walls will be built. These are superficial foundations, the simplest to put in place. The soles can be insulated (to support a pole) or running (to support a wall).

The footing may also refer to the foundation reinforcement to be placed in the trench before pouring the concrete.

In which cases to make foundations of foundation?

To be able to build foundations, you must have:

  • A soil perfectly flat,
  • A good quality soil, ie hard, resistant and with good lift,
  • A certain seat depth to avoid the risk of frost (between 50 and 100 cm depending on altitude and climate),
  • Dimensions adapted to the nature of the soil (depth, width...).

Depending on certain criteria, it is possible that foundation footings are not enough to support your construction. If the quality of the soil is not sufficient, you can make a foundation slab that will support the entire surface of the house.

How to make foundation soles?

After the preparation of the soil and the excavations, it is a question of putting in place a concrete of cleanliness (concrete weakly dosed). Then you can realize the reinforcement or the formwork of the soles, according to the chosen technique. This is when you will have to integrate the pipes of your house, under the foundations. Next, cast the concrete foundation footings. This is to spread the concrete as it spreads in the formwork or in the trenches. The concrete must then dry for several days.

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