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Upon the first delay in payment, the owner of the rented property may send a formal notice to his tenant for unpaid rent. Definition, conditions and model letter of formal notice, to be found in this article.

What is a formal notice for unpaid rent?

In principle, a tenant must pay the rent on a fixed date. All late or unpaid found by the owner-lessor must be the subject of reminders, and this from the first rent unpaid.

When these preliminary attempts unfortunately remain without result, the landlord can then address to his tenant a notice, sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

  • This first formal formality may encourage the tenant to fulfill payment of rent and charges still due. A prior approach anyway necessary before initiating a possible judicial procedure.
  • The formal notice allows to make to run the interest at the legal rate, and this from the date of receipt by the tenant of the registered mail sent by the lessor.

To note: if the formal notice does not obtain the expected result, the owner can then resort to the services of a bailiff in order to transmit to the tenant a command to pay.

Model letter of formal notice for unpaid rent

Object: formal notice for unpaid rents


As the holder of the rental lease signed on... (date)... relating to housing located at... (address)..., I would like to remind you of your commitment to pay at the beginning of each month the amount of the rent specified in our rental agreement.

But to date and despite my reminders, you still have not paid rents and charges for the months of... and...

I hereby give you notice to pay this sum within fifteen days from receipt of this registered letter. In accordance with Article 1153 of the Civil Code, this formal notice charges interest at the legal rate on the total amount remaining due.

Failing payment within these time limits, I will be forced to seize a bailiff who will issue a command to pay. I will then begin the process of terminating the lease.

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