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Kitch, vintage, but ultra-original! Material particularly popular in the 60s, the formica is back in the kitchen in recent years. This material brilliantly combines originality and functionality and is appreciated for its aesthetic side, its lower cost and its ease of maintenance. How to (re) arrange his kitchen space in formica?

A kitchen in formica

A kitchen in formica

The formica, inspiration sixties

Discovered around 1930 - 1940, formica is a laminate covered with a melamine resin, very innovative and design for the time. This material stands out for its robustness, its bright colors and its brilliance out of the ordinary. Very cheap, the formica Most of the kitchens have been on the market since the 1960s. Since its creation, the manufacturers have continued to deepen their research to offer an ever more resistant and more aesthetic material. Nowadays, we find an ever wider palette of colors, as well as various patterns.

The benefits of formica

The property of formica is to be heat resistant, therefore a perfect material to cover the furniture and equipment of a kitchen. Added to this are several other undeniable advantages. First, the formica is resistant to cleaning products. It is therefore easy to maintain what is an indispensable asset in a kitchen.

Decorative side, it is perfect to customize the kitchen area. The color palette comes in many bright colors. It is, in addition, a cheap but resistant material.

A last significant advantage of a formica kitchen: if one day you want to radically change the decor, it is quite possible to customize an old formica furniture applying a coat of paint, preferably glycerol, to adhere well to the plasticized surface. The furniture thus finds a second youth.

The formica, a favorite material!

With the formica, you bring a touch to the times trend and a retro strand to your kitchen. Of course, we will avoid the "total look" not to weigh down the decor. On the contrary, do not hesitate to create contrasts between the vintage and the modern, to compose an original decor, colorful, personalized and fun. Formica can be combined with chrome or stainless steel to create a modern kitchen. In this case, it will be available in contemporary colors such as red or gray.

Different types of furniture can "dress" in formica such as chairs and tables or even cupboards and buffets. Formica furniture can be found in flea markets, garage sales, specialized shops or Internet classifieds. Prices vary depending on the condition of the material, but as the formica is again trending its value may soar.

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