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The function of a shower tray is to accommodate and evacuate the water. Whether it is to be installed or built-in, it is important in the first place to choose the shape that best suits your bathroom and that will also meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics.

The shapes of shower trays

The shapes of shower trays

How to choose the shape of your shower tray?

The first thing to consider is the space you have in your bathroom. It is quite obvious that it would be totally absurd to install a large shower tray in a small space. Rate the area of ​​the roomthink about where you want to install your shower tray and if you want access from the front or side.
Be aware that the shapes of shower trays are varied and each has its advantages. The square shape is the most common and is ideal for bathrooms with an area less than 8m2. The same applies to the angle shape (or quarter circle) that slips into a corner and occupies the minimum space. Rectangular shower trays are very practical in the bathroom in length type "corridor" because they adapt to the shape of the room while providing a comfortable surface.

A few years ago, also appeared on the market of curved, round, pentagon or extra-flat shower trays. You can also request the creation of a custom shower tray that will fit perfectly to your space.

What forms of shower trays?

Regardless of the space you have, it is also possible to choose the shape of your shower tray according to criteria of aesthetics and comfort.

  • The square shape is the most widespread and the most "neutral" in terms of style but it offers the advantage of being the most economical.
  • The rectangular shape is very trendy and is also in XL size ideal for large bathrooms and double showers.
  • The quarter circle shape in asymmetrical version brings a touch of originality to your room.
  • Ultra-trendy, round shower trays are highly appreciated for their modern design.
  • The extra-flat shapes are ideal for walk-in showers and blend into your bathroom décor.

Each form of shower trays comes in different formats. Standard size in XL format, there is one for all tastes and all budgets.

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