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In construction as in renovation, it is necessary to choose carefully its type of heating. Whether fossil or renewable, energy offers many solutions that should be considered assets.

Choose the energy source of your heating

The choice of energy for heating your home depends on several parameters.

  • It is partly determined by the place of residence. Wood, for example, is common in forest areas; some renewable energies are not accessible to residents in urban centers; natural gas is sometimes excluded from rural areas... On the other hand, the region and the type of housing can impose choices. Thus, a house in the South, occupied in the summer months, is content with a very simple heating representing a low investment. However, in the case of a principal residence, an efficient system is more justified.
  • The delicate question of cost must also be studied from two angles: the price / heating value ratio and the investment cost / maintenance ratio.
  • Finally, theenvironmental aspect must be taken into account. Renewable energies make it possible to heat and produce domestic hot water in an individual and autonomous way.

The technical answers are now much more accessible: the offers have multiplied and, even if the installation cost remains high, the cost of use is very low. The investment is quickly profitable.

The advice of System D.

The various practical and useful recommendations for choosing the right energy for heating... Especially since, since January 1, 2011, the diagnosis of energy performance (DPE) is mandatory. It allows to establish a accurate assessment of the energy consumption of a home.

  • Choose your heating
  • Heat naturally
  • The aerothermy
  • Electric energy
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Shredded wood and pellets...
  • Oil in the tank
  • Urban network gas
  • Propane gas in tanks
  • Heat pumps

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