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The attraction caused by the movement of water can make you want to install a waterfall fountain in your garden. Whether for reasons of aesthetics or for the pleasure of creating a zen atmosphere and relaxing at home, it is always nice to have a waterfall fountain.

The waterfalls fountains for garden

The waterfalls fountains for garden

Why put a waterfall fountain in his garden?

The peaceful atmosphere and serenity provided by a garden waterfall fountain are the main reasons for wanting to install one in his garden. The sound of the waterfall and the view of the flow of water can participate in a sense of well-being and nature without going very far.

It is possible to find different models of waterfall fountain depending on the atmosphere you want to create. It exists classic waterfall fountains with several levels or even wall fountains. We can opt for waterfalls of a rather rustic style, creating a charming and authentic side in a corner of your garden, or choosing a style more sophisticated and modern preferring a fountain made of steel or stainless steel. In particular, it is possible toinstall lights on the fountain to illuminate the movement of water during the night.

Installation and maintenance of a waterfall fountain

For large waterfall fountains, calling a landscaper can be helpful! However, it is relatively easy to install a waterfall fountain in his garden. It will be necessary to equip the fountain with a pump system connected to an electrical network so that the same water is reused in a closed circuit. It is recommended to disassemble the system during the winter to prevent the pump from freezing.

concerning maintenance of the waterfall fountainthis has the advantage, due to the movement of water, to participate in the sanitation and oxygenation of the basin. But to achieve this effect, it is necessary that the waterfall fountain operates continuously. However, it is important to regularly maintain the waterfall fountain in order to avoid the proliferation of algae and the deposition of a layer of limestone. If the waterfall fountain has a filtering system, it must be ensured that it does not become clogged.

The price of waterfall fountains

Depending on the garden waterfall fountain model chosen, prices may vary significantly. Prices fluctuate according to the number of levels of the fountain, or the material used to make it. We will have to count 200 euros on average to hope to find a small garden waterfall fountain formed by a pillar or containers forming several levels. For a larger fountain or designed using more expensive materials, it will be necessary in some cases 600 euros.

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