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A sagging frame may be a sign of a future collapse of the roof. And if the frame, in other words the frame of your home collapses, it is the whole housing that suffers. Back on this phenomenon, and the gestures that make it possible to avoid it.

What are the factors of a collapse of the framework?

The factors involved in the collapse of a framework are numerous and, in many cases, are not surprising:

  • for wooden frames, it can be the aging of the wood and its weakening
  • the field movements, climatic conditions... can progressively bring about a deformation of the framework until it is possible to collapse
  • cracks in the roof and water infiltration can cause a dilation of the wood and its weakening
  • the insects, the pests, all the undesirable hosts that feed on the wood, can weaken the frame in depth

To all these natural causes can also be added human errors: when designing attics for example, an ignorant or unscrupulous craftsman can proceed to the removal of a structural element, or to a miscalculation of weight of loads on the floor... All these reasons could cause the progressive collapse of the framework.

Carpentry and poor workmanship: the consequences

A collapsing roof structure can be accompanied by other risks such as deformation of the roof covering, disruption of the tiles and the creation of infiltration, or cracks both in the roof and in the roof.

The collapse of a frame undeniably weakens the structure of your home. In short, the deflection of the framework can cause its collapse.

What should you do in case of sagging?

Simply ask for a building expert. A professional will be able to verify the origin of the disorder as well as all the claims to evaluate the procedure to follow. Following his diagnosis, several decisions can be taken: a simple maintenance, the launch of a treatment (against insects, against fungi, etc.) or the partial or total renovation of the frame.

It is recommended to seek advice from several professionals in order to better evaluate all possibilities and all proposals.

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