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Your boiler must be efficiently maintained to avoid the risk of accidents. An annual boiler revision is mandatory: contact a qualified professional.

Frequency of maintenance: the case of fuel boilers

The annual maintenance of the boiler and the sweeping of the flue are mandatory for boilers fueled by a fuel (gas, oil, wood). These two steps are essential for your safety and for saving energy.

Annual maintenance consists of cleaning the boiler and performing various checks and optimizations (combustion control, carbon monoxide, etc.). As for the sweeping, it allows to clean the flue.

On the other hand, in case of breakdown (s), your heating engineer can intervene one or more times at your home, in addition to the annual visit. This can be a cost, depending on the maintenance contract you have chosen. Ask the professionals and compare the quotes.

It is important to choose the power of your boiler according to your needs. Undervalued or overvalued power can have adverse consequences on the use and the life of your boiler.

Frequency of maintenance of an electric boiler

An electric boiler is not affected by the annual maintenance obligation. It is not connected to a flue. The maintenance of this boiler is therefore simpler and less restrictive. That said, you can subscribe to a maintenance contract with a specialized company, for more security.

The maintenance actions that you can perform yourself are to purge the radiators at the beginning and end of the season, and to control the water pressure on the boiler.

To ensure the long-term operation of your boiler, it is also necessary to select the power that corresponds to your needs.

Tips for the proper functioning of your boiler, and for your safety

Only use your boiler for the purpose for which it is intended. Respect the instructions delivered on the instructions and regularly check the good condition of your installation.

You can buy a carbon monoxide detector.

Finally, do not forget to ventilate your home every day.

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