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A noisy fridge? Do not panic, start by learning to identify the source. Especially since the emission of various and varied sounds is a standard for refrigerators, which is nonetheless unpleasant. In fact, we propose to you to discover some useful tricks to limit this cacophony.

My fridge is noisy, is it serious?

Noises such as gurgling and buzzing are very common in fridges. But although very often trivialized, they can sometimes reveal an abnormality or be embarrassing for the occupants of housing.

It is therefore useful to start by learning to recognize the "normal" sounds from your fridge to those announcing another problem, or even a refrigerator failure.

To note: not all refrigerators have the same sound level. Often, the make and model of the chosen fridge determine the intensity of the noise emitted. In addition, the gurgles of the refrigerator in the middle of the day seem imperceptible and reveal their intensity at night.

Noisy fridge? Identify "normal" sounds

  • You identify a rustle of air? It comes from the difference in temperature between the incoming warm air and the internal cold air of the fridge.
  • A acute noise? It comes from the compressor.
  • A "dry" sound? It is explained by a change of temperature or the start of automatic defrosting.
  • The fridge emits gurgle? Water passes through the drip tube.
  • A whistling comes from the refrigerator? Water dries on the heater allowing the defrosting.

To noteIf the noise made by your fridge is not included in this list, a repairer can determine the origin and stop it.

How to reduce the noise of my fridge?

Unless the noise is indicative of an anomaly, it is usually possible to limit the loudness of your fridge.

  • Start with clean the dirt that clogs the refrigerator fan and easily explains the noise emitted by the refrigerator.
  • Regularly clean the drawers and bins of your fridge and make sure to reinstall them. Indeed, a poorly positioned tray can also be the source of sound genes.
  • See to put away the fridge so that bottles and boxes do not collide when the fridge compressor vibrates. In the same way, avoid installing the refrigerator against another piece of furniture.

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