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Hand shears have long been the only tool for pruning hedges that first limited agricultural plots in hedgerow country, then isolated gardens from the XVIe century. But in the XIXe century, with the proliferation of gardens and the increase in the size of parcels, a new tool is emerging: the hedge trimmer.

Who invented the hedge trimmer?

  • In the XIXe the first hedge trimmers are developed in the United States: a horizontal and vertical mower Leonard Wood, in Idaho, 1854.
  • Other systems will follow, using a cutting chain like the chain saw in 1856 or blades crossed in 1871. The mechanism developed in 1890 by Andrew Fox, an inventor from Ohio, is powered by a steam engine.

  • The first mobile hedge trimmer patent - actually tied by a cable to a heavy steam plant - is filed the following year by Robust Eliott (1891).
  • In 1922, the first really handy mechanical hedge trimmer, with two reciprocating blades, is patented in England (country where garden art has always been very popular) by Little Wonder Company, renowned brand in landscaping, which is associated, in 1935, to the American firm Schiller-Pfeiffer (now Schiller Grounds Care), specialized in garden and landscaping tools.

The first wireless electric hedge trimmer from Black & Decker (1962)

  • It's finally in 1940 the first electric hedge trimmer is developed. Progress will follow as the number of companies increases. from 1962, Black & Decker produces the first wireless electric hedge trimmer.
  • During all these evolutions, the weight of the tool is lightened, the lengths of the blades vary and, above all, the security is reinforced with the development of the automatic shutdown systems.

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