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A turnkey entry door!

Decorative element in its own right, the entrance door must be chosen with the utmost care. She sets the tone of our house and welcomes our guests. To make a good impression and make us want to cross the airlock, our door must be as aesthetic as practical. To help you find the model that suits you, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover what is currently done in terms of doors.

Entrance door: aesthetic side

The era of sad and dark doors is beautiful is well resolved. From now on, the colors are at the rendezvous. Red, green blue or two-tone, it's up to you, trying to stay in harmony with your facade. As for materials, the list continues to grow. Last arrival on the market, the composite also called fiberglass. Resistant, durable (25 years on average) and rot-proof, it offers excellent insulation. Mimicking wood to perfection, it has the advantage of not requiring as much maintenance. Solid and noble, wood remains a classic gateway despite the regular maintenance it requires. If there is a varied choice of species, exotic woods are more durable and less demanding than European woods, except oak. Customizable at will, the wood remains a classic and comes in all sauces. For best performance, we advise you to prefer solid wood to veneers. Less aesthetic and more limited in color, PVC doors are more and more valued for their qualities of insulation and robustness. Note, however, that PVC has the lowest resistance to fire.

An aesthetic entryway

With over 400 different colors, aluminum doors protect you from all external aggressions, offering you a real decorative choice. As efficient as economic, steel doors offer an unbeatable value for money and require almost no maintenance. Equipped with a metal frame and a frame secured to the wing, armored doors you perfectly protect against break-ins. Their exterior finishes can be aluminum wood, steel or PVC. Total, partial, or absent, the glazing your door is a style choice. To see without being seen; while gaining brightness; we recommend a translucent and non-transparent glazing. It can be decorated with stained glass or tinted according to your desires.

Entrance door: practical side

Wooden entrance door

Not content with being aesthetic, a gateway must first and foremost be secure. It is therefore essential to look into closure and mechanical safety systems. While 80% of burglars go through the front door, it is necessary to choose the strongest lock possible. The more points there are, the more delicate and long it will be to force. An official certification classifies all locks according to their performance. It is the A2P standard, insurance prevention protection, which defines these criteria. A2P * locks withstand about 5 minutes for burglary attempts, A2P ** for at least 10 minutes and A2P *** for at least 15 minutes. Knowing that thieves must be fast and discreet, it is better to have a lock that is as difficult as possible to break. There are also many protective accessories such as burglar angles, non-breakable angles, the chain of safety, or the gap and the peephole. By placing the opening of your door inward, you make the hinges inaccessible, which gives less leeway to potential criminals.

Whatever the door and the lock chosen, HandymanDuanche advises you to leave the pose to the care of a professional. You will have the assurance of a durable and solid fixation while taking advantage of the ten-year guarantee.

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