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The extractor hood is suitable for all kitchens in order to purge the air of the waste emitted by the cooking systems. This device equipped with an evacuation remains the most popular, which is explained by its great efficiency in cleaning the air of the room.

What is an extraction hood?

An extractor hood must first and foremost maintain a healthy air in the House. Its operating principle isevacuate the air "polluted" emitted by the cook, outward. The system is therefore also called exhaust hood.

The device expels odors and moisture cooking vapors via an exhaust duct. Greases are trapped by filters, placed at the base of the hood body.

To note: most hoods are mixed and will be able to operate by evacuation or in "recycling" mode.

Selection criteria for choosing the extraction hood

  • The air flow of the device, depending on the size of the kitchen. (The larger it is, the higher the suction flow must be).
  • The price. The differences in price noticed between models reflect a difference in power and noise.
  • The dimensions: depending on the configuration of the kitchen.

The installation of the extraction hood by a craftsman

The exhaust hood system requires extensive installation work, carried out by a building professional. The power of the device is also fully subject to its implementation.

Indeed, the hood must be connected to an aluminum duct, itself connected to a vent, placed in front of the house or on the roof. The length of the pipe must be limited to the maximum and have the fewest cubits possible, in order to limit the power loss of the device.

Warning: a range hood is never connected to a VMC or chimney flue.

In addition, a second air intake must imperatively be provided, thanks to the installation of a vent in the kitchen, for example.

It is possible to significantly reduce the noise emitted by the extraction hood system. We can then opt for a remote motorization system or have a noise reducer.

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