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Garage door: make the right choice.

The second entrance to the house, the garage door is a key point for safety, but also for the comfort of all. Cars, bicycles and family members multiply the comings and goings by this opening which must therefore be the most functional possible. Between different types of openings, models and materials, it is not always easy to navigate. To find the right solution for your home, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover the panorama of garage doors.

Choose the opening direction

Vertical or lateral opening? That is the question! If you have a high ceiling and a large area, both options are possible. To gain maximum space, it is better to opt for a vertical opening, it is necessary to have enough height. If not, you will have to choose a side opening.

Choose the right model

Opening up.

Practical and cheap, the overhead doors go up in one piece to position themselves parallel to the ceiling. Ideal for narrow garages, however, they tend to overflow outside, which makes them difficult to use on the edges of the public road. Composed of several plates articulated with each other, sectional doors allow you to dose the opening while gaining space. Without any overflow, they fit everywhere. By folding up like a store, roll-up doors are the most discreet of the market. Almost invisible when opened, they do not overflow inside or outside and hide in a small chest. Only downside, a constraining and expensive installation that often requires the help of a professional.

Opening on the side.

Ideal for garages with low ceilings, sliding doors come to slide on rails fixed on the wall and on the ground. Composed of several panels, they are easy to install and do not overflow to the outside, but take a lot of space once opened. Rolling doors, already mentioned above, also exist in lateral opening and also offer considerable space saving. In slight loss, swing doors with two doors that are found in the old houses open only to the outside and are therefore reserved for garages located in the middle of a private property. traditional, the folding or accordion doors open inside or outside and are relatively compact. Easy to install and cheap, unfortunately they can not be motorized.

Choose the right material

PVCLightweight and inexpensive, offers the best value for money and requires very little maintenance. It nevertheless tends to tarnish in the long run. Wood, warm and elegant, displays excellent performances, but must be regularly varnished or stained. Regret that it is not accessible to all scholarships. steel and aluminumWe do not recommend single-wall models with unsatisfactory insulation qualities, as opposed to perfectly acceptable double walls.

Before "cracking" for the door of your dreams, HandymanDuanche invites you to make sure that it complies with the standard in force, the NF EN 13241-1, guaranteeing maximum safety.

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