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Your garage takes water? Whether the water rises through the ground or flood after heavy rains, you must act quickly. Indeed to be able to make you refund the damage caused by the water, it is necessary to make the declaration of claim in time.

Multi-risk home and water damage insurance

Water damage insurance is mandatory for a tenant but optional for an owner. Nevertheless, if you own your home, home multi-risk insurance provides this risk. So if you discover your garage under water, the first thing to do is to warn your insurer.
Unless otherwise stated in your insurance contract, you must report the damage in the 5 working days after the accident or its finding. Most insurance companies have a specific amicable form. If not, send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If you are a tenant, tell your landlord.
In the form or the mail stating the damage of waters you must indicate: The date, the place, the circumstances and causes of the accident, the nature of the damages and possibly the persons in charge.

Flood and responsibility

According to the causes of the flood of your garage, responsibilities can be questioned.
For example if the municipality has poorly maintained the pipes and that following a big storm, the sewers back and the water floods your garage. If your neighbor has done some drainage work and the water is flowing into your garage. Or if the flood is a result of a pipeline break that does not belong to you Your insurance may be against the insurance of the responsible person (s).

Compensation for water damage

From the moment your insurer has received the registered mail, it will make you a compensation proposal. For this purpose, he can request an expertise to evaluate the damage. On your side, do not hesitate to produce all proof of value of destroyed goods (invoices, guarantee notes).
Costs pumping, from cleaning and of disinfection you will also be reimbursed.
In the event of disagreement on the amount of the compensation, you can ask for a counter-expert report (at your expense) or refer the insurance mediator.
However, in case of flooding, objects stored less than 10 cm from the ground in cellars or garages are generally not compensated. This exclusion does not apply to fixed heating, electricity and water installations.

The special case of the state of natural disaster

Under certain conditions the floods enter this category of claim as "all natural events of abnormal intensity not insurable"
The state of natural disaster is decreed by prefectural decree. You then have 10 days from its publication in the official journal to declare your claim.
If you are victims of a significant flood, you can always ask your town hall to request the classification in natural disaster. But this procedure can be long...

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