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Do you want to install a fence or hedge? To dig the soil effortlessly and save time, the auger is the ideal tool. Manual.

Thermal auger

Preparation of the auger

Garden auger bits

  • The wick on the ground (left) is a fine-pitch propeller favoring the clearance of the earth.
  • The wick to heart (right) is used mainly for the placement of seedlings.

Mounting an auger

  • Present the "Barrel" of the wick in the axis of the tree.
  • Match the holes for the pin.

auger pin

  • Fucking the pin until coming to a stop.
  • Cast offstirrup.

Starting the auger

Push the throttle trigger

  • Before starting up, press the throttle trigger.
  • At the same time, drag the cursor to "start".
  • Then release the trigger that will remain in the depressed position.

Actuate boot bellows

  • When the engine has not been used for some time or after a fuel outage, bellows of the priming pump.

Auger motor

  • If the engine is cold, turn on the engine starter then operate the launcher.
  • The engine starts then chokes. To restart, reset the starter and the launcher.

Handling of the auger

Rake the earth with an auger

  • To place oneself face to the machine and hold the handlebars firmly.
  • During the progress of the drilling, accompany the downhill movement holding the handlebars.

Gardening with an auger

  • In case of encounter with a big stone, the lock locks and the machine starts to turn. The small safety lever then stops the rotation.

Bypass an obstacle with an auger

  • If the wick breaks on pebbles, engage the brake and turn the machine counterclockwise.
  • Theobstacle clear, resume rotation.

Wick on the ground of an auger

  • The wick on the ground leaves a well drawn hole with smooth walls.
  • The fine-pitched propeller makes it possible to take out as much soil as possible to accommodate the sealing of the post.

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