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A defensive garden hedge is a much more aesthetic solution than a fortress wall and just as effective in preventing intruders from entering your property. All our tips for undertaking the planting of a defensive hedge are to be discovered in this article.

A defensive garden hedge

A defensive garden hedge

What is a defensive hedge?

The defensive hedge, as its name suggests, must above all protect the property possible intrusions while delimiting the garden.

An effective bulwark for prying eyes, this type of hedge is mainly composed of thorny shrubs. Plants dissuasive for any living being, whether it moves on two or four legs.

Thanks to these thorny plants which compose it, the defensive hedge remains decorative all the year, offering a symphony of forms and colors which vary with the seasons.

WarningIt is better to be vaccinated against tetanus and to warn the children so that they do not approach the defensive hedge.

Which thorny plants to choose for a defensive hedge?

Defensive hedge around a property Defensive hedge under a window
Rough rose:
- Fast-growing rose bush reaching 4 m.
- Flowers in various colors exhaling a sweet scent.
- Thorny bush.
- White flowers that turn into yellow, red or orange berries.
- Plants with thorny leaves and spiky flowers.
Mahonia with holly leaves:
- Plant 2 m high with pointed leaves.
- Small yellow and fragrant flowers that turn into purple fruits.
- Plant with 3 cm thorns.
- Pink or yellow flowers.
- Some species have colorful foliage.

How to plant a defensive hedge?

Mix the essences

As seen previously, the defensive hedge can be useful and decorative. For a stronger effect, it is recommended to mix deciduous and evergreen plants with thorny plants, so that the greenery of the hedge persists throughout the year.

Planting distance

In order for the plants to flourish properly while preserving the impenetrability of the hedge, it is recommended to maintain a planting distance of 60 cm to 120 cm between the shrubs.


To increase the effectiveness of the hedge, avoid planting shrubs in a straight line, favoring a staggered arrangement on 2 or 3 rows.

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