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According to the adage: to live happily one must live hidden. The garden hedge consisting of evergreen shrubs seems a very good solution to protect yourself from prying eyes and to delimit a garden. How to plant a persistent garden hedge? Our advices.

 A garden hedge with swimming pool

A garden hedge with swimming pool

Why a persistent garden hedge?

Choose from evergreen shrubs in order to compose his garden hedge is an excellent solution to demarcate his property and protect himself from looks throughout the year.

Indeed, a persistent hedge keeps its leaves as the seasons go by. In fact, its occulting power is never diminished and the Garden keeps its greenery even in winter.

Collateral Benefits of the Persistent Hedge:

  • since the leaves of this hedge do not fall, the chore of the autumn pickup is avoided.
  • the hedge (persistent, deciduous or mixed) is an effective protection that limits the presence of parasites and the appearance of diseases.

Choose the shrubs that will make up a persistent hedge

Depending on the shrubs chosen, a persistent hedge can be:

  • colored (foliage nuanced or plain from deep green to yellow);
  • various shapes (elongated, pointed, broad, small leaves...);
  • flowery and therefore fragrant.

Some evergreen shrubs are particularly popular in very sunny locations when others like to be planted in the shade.

Evergreen shrubs of the sun Persistent trees of the ombre
- Eleagnus (ebbingei or variegated foliage)
- The Photinia
- The Cotoneaster lacteus
- Etc.
- The Aucuba japonica,
- Ilex cornuta,
- The Rubus calophyllus
- The laurel sauce
- The laurel tin
- Etc.

When and how to plant a persistent hedge?

The evergreen shrubs that make up the hedge should be planted preferably in autumn (from late August), while the earth is still hot. We absolutely avoid planting a persistent hedge after the first cold.

For the blooming of evergreen shrubs, a planting distance must be respected:

  • small shrubs: spacing of 50 to 80 cm,
  • flowering trees and fruit species: spacing from 1m to 1.50m,

Since evergreen shrubs are mostly sold in pots, it is important to water them well after planting (and even during the winter, apart from frost).

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