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If the use of wooden pallets is very fashionable for terraces, the garden furniture does not escape this trend either. Why and how to design a garden furniture in wooden pallets? Explanations.

A garden furniture in wooden pallets

A garden furniture in wooden pallets

Why opt for a garden furniture in wooden pallets?

The wooden pallet attracted more and more individuals wanting to have a garden furniture at a lower cost, while adopting the principle "zero waste" by recycling this material and giving it a second life.
In addition to its very affordable price (it may even be free in some cases), the wood pallet is also of excellent quality, in terms of strength and resistance to moisture.
Finally, it is a way to give free rein to his creative spirit, and to have unique furniture and different from that of his neighbor.

What furniture can I create in pallets for my garden furniture?

High or low table, chair, bench or sofa... just about any garden furniture can be designed based on wooden pallets, even the terrace. The approval of some cushions can then be enough to ensure a comfortable seat.

How to design my garden furniture in wooden pallets?

Creating your garden furniture in wooden pallets begins with an idea and then with the design of plans. The list of materials (pallet, board...), accessories (nail, screw...) and tools (saw, screwdriver, sander...) must then be established and then together.
In general, the following creation steps can be noted:

  • Preparation of wooden pallets: removal of dangerous nails, cutting and sanding;
  • Furniture assembly;
  • Finishes: paint, protective glaze...

Where can I find wooden pallets for my garden furniture?

If the wooden pallet is bought in supermarkets DIY, all the interest is however to be able to get it at a very attractive price and surfing the fashion of the "recycle". There are recycling sites that offer them at a very attractive price. Also, it is possible, subject to the authorization, to recover them free on building sites, or industrial areas or for whom they represent a waste to be evacuated.

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