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    Garden arbours

    Among the different types of pergola, the garden arbor can be an interesting solution to shelter your meals or your moments of relaxation. Garden arbours The essentials on garden arbours An arbor is a freestanding construction in the garden, ie it is not attached to any wall of your garage or your house, as it is the case the awning for example, or some garden sheds.


      Fescues are part of the large family (no less than 12 000 species!) Poaceae, ie Gramineae. Originally, fescues are forages. And if you find some of them today in your turf, it is thanks to their ability to cover the ground with a carpet of green grass, dense and perennial.

        The metal carport

        Among the most popular carports are the metal carport. This carport has several important advantages, but also some limitations that you must take into account before you decide. Characteristics of the metal carport The metal carport is in the form of a structure mounted on 4 to 8 pillars according to the models, which support a roof, allowing to shelter one or two cars simultaneously.

          PVC Carport

          If you want a carport easy to install and your budget is limited, you can turn to a PVC carport. The latter can be in the form of a carport kit covered with a flexible PVC fabric, or a permanent carport rigid PVC. The characteristics of a PVC carport The PVC carport is the most atypical of all carports, since it is not a carport that can be both temporary and permanent.