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I put on the ground of my mother a shelter of garden of 19,87m2, with small mezzanine. I did not ask permission because I thought there was no need, following the complaint of an unhappy neighbor, the town hall asks me to demolish it. what can I do to keep this garden shed, because it has cost me dear.a who should I address to try to keep it and regularize the situation?

Only very small buildings (less than 2 m2) are exempt from the requirement for prior declaration of works. In this case, you are also at the limit of 20 m2, beyond which an application for a building permit would have been mandatory. If the public authorities are conciliatory with the small garden shelters (5 to 10 m2, for example), they are very close to the constructions which are on the limit of the building permit, knowing moreover that it is necessary an architect when the The surface area of ​​the building leads to an increase in the gross floor area of ​​constructions already established in the field beyond 170 m2...

Knowing that it is the recourse of a third party who is at the origin of the municipal decision, I have little that you have little chance to "regularize" the situation. Assuming that you are now filing a Declaration, or even a Building Permit application, it is likely that your neighbor will make an opposition that is likely to be successful. The only solution seems to me: to hear with your neighbor and go talk with the mayor or his head of the department of urban planning. First, make sure that the mayor has issued a decree of demolition.

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