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And if in addition to storing your gardening tools, you could also protect your car? It is possible with the carport, a real alternative to the garage. There are backed or self-supporting carports.

Garden shed with carport

Garden shed with carport

What is a carport?

The carport is a type of garden shed intended for your car. It differs from a classic garden shed to store your garden equipment, or more evolved living models. In general we do not find in the trade a garden shed incorporating a carport. However, it is possible to buy a carport with an extension dedicated to the storage of tools, like a real garden shed.

A carport may consist of posts that support a roof. You can also opt for a more complete carport with side panels, so you can close it completely. The structure is wide enough for you to maneuver when you park.

Protect your vehicle from the weather

Thanks to the carport, your vehicle is protected in all seasons. In summer, it protects your car from UV, preserving it from the heat. In winter, the carport is an effective protection against snow and cold: you do not have snow to brush before you hit the road, and you have less frost to scratch on your windshield. In rainy weather, a carport leaves your vehicle dry.

You can settle for a carport with poles on the sides if you live in an area where winters are mild. If you live in the north of France for example, prefer models with sidewalls, to better protect your car from the cold.

The different models of carport

The roof of your carport can be transparent or opaque, flat, single or double slope (like the roof of a house). There are models in wood or metal (steel or aluminum for example).

You can get a carport as soon as possible 200 €, a sophisticated model will cost you around 3,000 € maximum.

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