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The cold weather and the bad weather have left traces of their passage in your garden and your green spaces obviously need a good cleaning. Plantations, parasitic treatments, pruning... Find out what maintenance gestures to adopt for the big spring cleaning of your garden.

Garden: the big spring cleaning

Garden: the big spring cleaning

Great cleaning of the rose bushes

In the spring, it's time to bring you gardening gloves and a pruner to remove leaves and dead branches still hanging on your roses. Be careful, however, it is not yet time to prune and clean climbing roses in your garden. Indeed, the maintenance of these must not be undertaken before the end of August.

Great cleaning of the trees of the garden

In the spring, fruit trees also need to be cleared of branches and dead leaves that encumber them and reduce their ability to absorb sunlight. For the same reason, spring is also the perfect time to prune, not only your trees, but also your wisteria and honeysuckle, your camellias and hydrangeas, your roses, etc.

Prepare the garden soil in the spring

To promote your planting, your soil must also be maintained and especially if you hope to get a beautiful lawn. To do this, remove leaves, pebbles and weeds from the soil before fertilizing (using a chemical or natural fertilizer) and watering the soil. All you have to do is rake the soil before sowing your lawn in April.

The first plantations of spring

For a spring flower, opt for species able to withstand the first frosts. For a summer and a flowering autumn, opt for perennial flowers. Spring is also an opportunity to plant your evergreen shrubs. In the kitchen garden, work can begin with, for example: leeks, carrots, asparagus and lettuce.

Treat and protect the garden against insects

To protect your young shoots from the imminent return of insects (slugs, snails...) your protections must imperatively be raised at the very beginning of spring. Several options are available here:

  • the natural ones (nettle manure, ashes or flax filings at the feet of your plants).
  • chemical products.

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