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The revival of ecological gardening signifies the return to grace of weeding tools. Know how to choose them.

Weeding in a massif with a hoe - F. Marre - Rustica


Weeding is one of the essential activities of private garden maintenance.
In the vegetable garden, in the massifs, gravels or pavement joints, adventitious seeds always manage to establish themselves. If you want to limit the spread, you must intervene quickly, before the rooting is too deep and especially that the first cycle of reproduction (graining) is completed.

Which weeding tool

Long practiced by hand by past generations, weeding has subsequently become one of the main targets of chemical treatments.
Today, aware of the new environmental issues, individuals and professionals are gradually abandoning chemical weed killers to return to the good old hoe!
These issues have obviously not escaped the industrialists, who emphasize their research to improve the existing tools or to invent new ones. Their goal is to provide ever more ergonomic and efficient solutions.
To choose the most appropriate tool, it is important to define the type of area you want to weed: a masonry driveway, a lawn, or the bare ground of the garden? Because if all are effective, the tools "stars" are not the same depending on the land to maintain...

Fighting weeds: prevention

Fighting weeds: prevention

Prevention is better than cure: the first step in weed control is prevention. There are many solutions for this, such as geotextile, woven fabric, natural mulching...

Clean the aisles

triangular scraper

Triangular scraper

With its sharp edges, the triangular squeegee scrapes grasses on hard coatings because it can reach them in joints or along curbs.


Binette duopro

Combining in one tool the sharp edges of a hoe and the teeth of a rake, the duopro hoe can scrape weeds and then group them together.

Weeding the beds or vegetable gardens

claw-scraper or serfouette


The claw-scraper allows easy weeding of clay areas. Its thin (replaceable) blade penetrates easily into the ground, requiring limited effort.



The famous hoe is multi-tasking. Heavy-duty tool, choose it solid (if possible forged), and check that the angle of the blade relative to the handle is right for you.

Maintain the lawns

Weed gouge

Gouge weeding

The weed gouge is a tool that can pull weeds with a root root. Its small size requires working in a leaning position.

weeder with handle

Weed killer

To stay upright, Fiskars has recently developed this weeder, which grabs the roots of weeds for easy removal.

Video Instruction: How To Pick The Right Tool For Weeding The Garden