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Garden torches

The domestic role of the torch of being able to light up the night is as old as the world. Its symbol has not escaped the supporters of Freedom and Enlightenment, the best known is the statue of Bartoldi at the entrance to the port of New York. Much more modestly but simply taking over the useful function, the torch fills the same destination. In addition, its size and the quality of its fuel allow it to not succumb to the breath of the evening breeze.

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1. It is mainly outdoors and in the garden that the use of torches is justified. Their haughty look and the different colors of wood in which they are made, can make natural elements of decoration, even during the day, among a suitable vegetation.

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2. But it is obviously at night that the torch justifies its full function. Whether isolated or taking part in a luminous journey, its agitated flame participates actively in the animation and the special development of a garden at night.

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3. Become an indispensable element of the decoration of your outside, the torch will dress your garden or will illuminate your terrace, bringing him style and personality. Did not the poet say "show me your garden, tell me it is yours, and I will tell you who you are"!

Garden torches: being

4. The garden torch is available in several models and sizes. The cutting of the foot will allow you to plant it easily and effortlessly. in massifs, on a lawn or at the foot of the trees, of which it will highlight the underside of the foliage.

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5. The filling of the tank is done simply: just unscrew it and take out the cup and the wick. If this filling must occur during use due to lack of fuel, take the precaution of checking the complete extinction of the wick and the cooling of the cup.

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6. Fill the tank with flashlight oil. There are on the market several oils or liquids for lamps, the most common being those scented with citronella or geranium on oil or vegetable bases. These fragances are known to keep away mosquitoes and other flying insects that attract light.

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7. Carefully replace the tank that you cover the cup which ensures safety by allowing to retain a surplus of product... Note that for a first use, it is good to ensure that the wick is well soaked before turn it on.

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8. Note also that for any liquid fuel lamp, the length of exit of the wick determines the power of its lighting and... the consumption of the fuel.

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