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Halfway between the masonry drive and the free gravel, the hollow core, easy and quick to install, represents a good compromise for intermediate budgets.

A mesh geotextile for a gravelled driveway

Gravel is quick to install and inexpensive, but it has a disadvantage: in use, it tends to be pushed to the sides. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to circulate with high heels or strollers! You can then choose to install a honeycomb mesh.
Offered in a variety of shapes and colors - to match the gravel - this structure keeps the aggregates in place, making the driveway more stable and comfortable.
To not see the matrix but also that the gravel does not slip, it is necessary that the gravel covers very slightly the cells.
On the edge, you can use wood, stone, etc.

The different elements of a gravel driveway laid on a honeycomb slab

Diagram of a gravel driveway laid on a honeycomb slab (wooden edge, geotextile, gravel, honeycomb position, aisle thickness and minimum width of the border)

How to estimate the cuttings?

The volume of the cuttings is often difficult to assess. His calculation is simple.
Example for a path of 1 x 20 m disbursed on 8 cm...

• Volume calculation:

Volume dug: 1 x 20 x 0.08 = 1.6 m³.
But the brewed earth increases in volume; this is called the expansion. It is estimated at around 20%.
The actual volume of cuttings is therefore equal to 1.6 x 1.20 = 1.92 m³ (or about 25 wheelbarrows).

• Calculation of the weight of the extracted earth:

Topsoil density is about 1.4, or 1.4 t per 1 m³.
So here: 1.92 x 1.4 = 2688 kg.

Realization of a hollow slab

Lay the geotextile in the driveway after disbursement

  • Start as for the realization of a gravelled walkway.
  • Dispose of the soil on 5 cm and tamp.
  • Lay the hollow slabs (with integrated geotextile) on the leveled floor.
  • Install the borders on the edge of the geotextile to prevent weed invasion.

Delicately cut the honeycomb geotextile

  • If necessary, cut the hollow slabs using a cutter (be careful not to disengage the blade too much) respecting the contour of the cells.

A fishnet to cover with gravel of the same color for a beautiful alley

  • Remove the gravel by lightly covering the cells.
  • The aesthetics is directly related to the colors of the gravel and the fishnet, which must be close.

Aesthetics and stability

Stable Japanese steps

  • To make a gravel driveway more comfortable, integrating Japanese steps is a solution.
  • This solution makes it possible to highlight and create a stable driveway... in turf or gravel.

Video Instruction: Installation of the EVOKE tiles onto a grass substrate