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The size of vegetables and herbs has many advantages. These actions done at the right time increase and prolong the harvests considerably.

Garden: cut well to harvest

Stimulating vegetable plants by removing some of their parts is certainly not essential. Indeed, to let them grow without intervening would not prevent the fructification.
However, whether fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, or leafy vegetables such as arroche, some judicious pinching will have significant effects: closer the date of harvest, increase the size of the fruit or promote the issuance of new tender shoots.

Size in the garden: tools always disinfected

Remember, even with care, a size is always an injury. The tools must be in good condition: the blade blades and pruners disinfected and perfectly sharpened.
With the regular pinching that they require almost until the end of the crop, tomatoes are an exception. Their size is not essential, but it is a gardening technique intended to obtain larger fruits earlier.
Depending on the variety, a different type of size is recommended (to be done on two main stems for medium stems, on a single stalk for large fruit selections).
Most other vegetable plants require only one or two interventions during cultivation.
In general, they are carried out either during growth to promote flowering, or, conversely, as is the case for many aromatics, at the end of growth, to avoid this flowering which is done to the detriment of foliage.

Cut the tomatoes

Size of tomatoes

Only cut varieties with indeterminate growth. Cut the secondary stems at the base of the foot. When the feet have 5 bouquets, put a leaf on top of the last one.

Cut squash

Squash size

When the main stem has 5 leaves, cut above the 2nd. On the twigs, cut to the 5th leaf when they are 8. At each new shoot, cut above the 2nd leaf.

Prune aromatic plants

Size of aromatic plants

Fold thyme and chives (drawing). Follow the basilics closely: pinch the numerous flower heads at the end of the stems regularly between your thumb and forefinger.

Cut the eggplants

Size of eggplants

To get them earlier and larger size, size is needed. In the South and South-West, each foot will produce 20 to 30 fruits, but only about ten north of the Loire.


Any size necessarily leading to wounds, you must be vigilant the days that follow.
• After each size, apply a powder of clay or maerl on the squash, or spray vegetable manure.
• If the weather is particularly humid, the risk of mildew is important: a mild preventive treatment based on copper sulphate, like Bordeaux mixture, may be necessary for your tomatoes.

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