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Small strand of toilet garden tools in the winter for an awakening in great shape in the spring.

Winterize your garden tools

clean iron garden tools

Clear the irons of all traces of soil.
To find bare metal without fatigue, use a rotating wire brush mounted on a drill.

linseed oil to protect metal garden tools

Ecological, because nontoxic and natural, linseed oil applied with a brush protects the metal from rust (without fear of contaminating the soil when it is reused).

why paint garden tools

To find tools more easily in the grass or under the leaves, paint them in a flashy color with a metal paint.

trick to rust the blades of a pruner

To rust the blades of a pruner, simply dip them in a famous soft drink, known for its antirust properties.
Surprising result!

Clean the wooden handles with a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine.
Impregnate with a brush, allow to dry then polish with a dry cloth.

Video Instruction: How to Winterize Your Garden Tools