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If you want to use a service provider to carry out gardening missions or small jobs, know that you can pay in CESU checks: these checks allow you to hire a provider and pay easily and without formalities.

Gardening and small jobs: how to pay in CESU checks?

Gardening and small jobs: how to pay in CESU checks?

Gardening and small jobs: what is CESU?

The CESU (universal service employment check), is a means of payment that allows you to pay benefits such as gardening and small jobs. From the moment you set a CESU check service provider, you are considered as his employer, although the formalities are simplified to the maximum. Note that there are two types of CESU checks:

  • The declarative CESU can only be used in mainland France and allows you to finance all the expenses related to the services of gardening and small work in checks CESU;
  • The prefinanced CESU is a means of payment whose amount is predefined, and is in the same form as a restaurant check. It is funded in part or in full by a works council, a mutual or a community.

You can not pay for any service with CESU checks: these services are listed in a comprehensive and supervised manner. These services include: the missions related to gardening, brushing, and the small jobssuch as finishes after painting, appliance repairs, and minor electrical work.

The work that you can pay in CESU checks is therefore the small jobs, you can not, for example, settle a person who has applied paint on an entire facade, or someone who has done real renovations. However, note that if you hire a professional to do heavy work in your home, you can ask him if you can use CESU checks to pay for finishing work.

The advantages of payment in CESU checks for gardening and small jobs

By paying your providers CESU checks to pay for gardening services and small jobs, you become their employer. However, CESU checks bring you considerable benefits:

  • CESU checks are a simple and practical tool, and the employer is exempted from all formalities binding because everything is simplified to the maximum;
  • This allows you to not employ a "black" person for gardening assignments and small jobs, which means that your employee is declared and that both parties enjoy legal protection;
  • CESU checks allow you to benefit from a VAT at a reduced rate of 5.5% on all small jobs;
  • The employer benefits froma tax exemption of 50% expenses you have made using CESU checks for gardening and minor work.

Gardening and small jobs: how does compensation pay in CESU checks?

To pay your gardening providers and small jobs in CESU checks, you must first create an account on the CESU website, and apply for a checkbook for free, but you have recently been able to pay your provider directly online, as long as he agrees. However, do not place an order for CESU checks until you have found your provider, because he is not obliged to accept this method of remuneration, it would be a pity if you order a checkbook that you will not be able to use.. Once you have received your checkbook, and if your provider agrees, you will be able to pay for it as he completes the benefits.

Remember that with CESU checks you do not have no need to prepare a declaration of employment or to establish a pay slip.

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