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Urban dwellers are sometimes in need of gardening, which has given rise to solutions for gardening in the city, such as the creation of individual plots to cultivate, shared gardens, besides there are now solutions for gardening on his balcony., even in the home.

Gardening in the city: the solutions

Gardening in the city: the solutions

Buy a piece of garden in town near you

One of the solutions for gardening in the city is buying or renting a home. small piece of land not far from home, which allows you to go outdoor garden as you could do in your own garden. These parcels of land can be rented as well as purchased, and you can cultivate absolutely what you want and come when you feel like it. Not all cities have these small private gardens, but more and more municipalities are trying to develop this concept.

Opt for a shared garden in the city

In some cities, you can find associations that set up a system of so-called gardens shared gardens or community gardens. With these gardens, city dwellers from the same neighborhood or city who wish garden together. They gather and grow all kinds of plants on a parcel they care about and they hold the keys to come when they want. This principle allows you to satisfy your desire to garden, while enjoying a moment of conviviality and meetings.

Garden in the city on your balcony

If you have a balcony, enjoy it, because it is quite possible to garden and grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants of all kinds, on very small surfaces. So with only 1 m² of surface, for example, you can install a wooden kitchen garden or make it yourself with crates, which will allow you to grow your fruits, vegetables and herbs. Similarly, if you want to beautify your little piece of outdoor, do not hesitate to install hanging planters above your balcony, and also opt for climbing plants: install a fence along your front and cover your wall with climbers such as wisteria, ivy, vines or honeysuckle.

Garden in town inside your home

If you do not have a balcony, there are still solutions for you to garden in town. So you can for example buy a mini kit to cultivate: this is a planter that you put on the edge of your window, outside, if the railing and the depth of the rim allow. You can grow vegetables such as carrots, leeks and onions, or herbs. Finally, know that you can perfectly garden directly to inside of you, by installing vegetable pans or planters that you will preferably have near a window, and in which you can grow vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, peppers, salads, etc.

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