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In the same way that it has an influence on the tides, the moon would also have an impact on gardening. According to the lunar calendar, there would be more favorable times for sowing, planting and harvesting. Focus on the basic rules for gardening with the moon.

Know the positions of the moon

To start garden with the moon, we must first know the different forms and positions of it. We thus distinguish:

  • The growing moonwhen it grows from night to night until it becomes a full moon. It forms like a "P" in the sky;
  • The decreasing moon when, after being full, it diminishes and appears visually as a "d";
  • The rising or falling moon, locatable according to its height in the sky. It operates cycles where it will rise from night to night for a fortnight, then down again in the same way.

Interpret the positions of the moon

Each phase of the moon is interpreted as gardening to know when to sow, plant, maintain and harvest plants, depending on the species:

  • Increasing moon period: Flowers and fruits can be harvested, and they will have the distinction of being preserved longer;
  • Declining moon period: The fruits picked must be eaten quickly because they perish faster; their taste is nevertheless better;
  • Rising moon period: Sowing and grafting can be done, as well as other operations that are off the ground;
  • Falling moon period: Transplanting, planting, enrichment of the soil are realized, and in a more global way all the actions which are practiced in the ground.

In addition, there are also periods when gardening is discouraged or prohibited, especially when the moon is at the closest distance (perigee) or the farthest (apogee) of the earth.

Reliability of gardening with the moon

Many scientific experiments have been conducted by horticulture professionals to measure the influence of the moon on gardening, especially since the lunar calendar is very often associated with the zodiac calendar in connection with the elements (fire, air, earth, water).
Also, none of them has managed to highlight, to this day, the role played by the moon, according to its shape and position in the sky, on the planting, maintenance and harvest of plants.

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