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Shared gardens: city dwellers go green!

Real breath of fresh air for city dwellers lacking greenery, shared gardens flourish in all major cities. Also called community gardens, the concept was born in New York in the seventies, when young artists decided to turn gardens into wasteland. From then on, associations of neighbors began to organize themselves around the world to reclaim the urban space.

What is a shared garden?

Shared gardens: city dwellers go green!: city

The shared garden is above all a place of exchange, where the inhabitants of the same district gather to cultivate. This plot of land, a few hundred square meters or more, offers everyone the opportunity to put in the dough and enjoy some freshly planted fruits and vegetables. It is environmentally friendly using 100 percent ecological methods and products. These gardens also host civic initiatives such as tutoring, debates, or film screenings.

Participate in a shared garden.

Participate in a shared garden

There are shared gardens in many French cities; you can easily find their contact information by searching the net. So you can get closer to the association that manages the garden closest to you. You will then need to join for a small fee, in order to be able to get there during opening hours. These gardens are also open to the public during cultural events. It is quite possible to open a new garden in abandoned land by creating a neighborhood association and if possible get support from your municipality or the owner of the premises. The Paris mayor also encourages these initiatives by offering material and financial support to the gardens who undertake to respect the "Green Main" charter.

Shared gardens, we all have to win!

Shared gardens, we all have to win!

The shared gardens offer you moments of relaxation and sharing outdoors. Inter-generational, they gather around a common passion the inhabitants of the same neighborhood, thus promoting meetings, solidarity, but also social and ethnic diversity. They improve your living environment while introducing you to ecology, and also offer many activities at reduced prices as well as educational projects for budding gardeners. Some gardens are even specially equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility, thus promoting their social integration.

To find a shared garden near your home, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to visit the site, or consult your town hall.

Interview: Anne-Claire, a Parisian gardener, takes us to the paths of her shared garden, where she gives us the secrets.

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