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And if give your house a festive air? Thanks to LED technology, there is now a whole range of decorative accessories that allow you to play with light and colors... without breaking the bank! Just for you, here is a little trip full of fantasy and colorful country LED garlands. Have fun…

The LED garland

The LED garland

LED garlands 365 days a year!

One of the big advantages of "Light Emitting Diode" or LED abbreviated and "Electro Luminescent Diode" in good French is that they use little energy. LED garland consumes 90% less electricity than a classic garland. Moreover, its lifetime is counted in thousands of hours. That's why today, it is no longer confined to the end-of-year celebrations but plays extensions throughout the seasons.

These garlands are represented in the form of one or more intertwined threads where at regular intervals there is a small white or colored diode. Depending on the length, there may be up to more than 100 LEDs. The diodes can also play the coquettes in the form of stars, flame, small balls, etc.

But you can also play the magician and create a starry sky using a network of LEDs. These garlands look like a network of lozenges where at each intersection is an LED.

Unless you prefer the flexible tubes that you wrap around a banister, a terrace guardrail, a pillar, etc.

LED garland and security

Depending on the model LED strings are available in 230 V or 24 V. Regarding the power consumption, there is no difference between the two. For safety, when the cables are accessible, think of children or animals, it is better to use 12 V.

The majority of LED garlands are designed indifferently for indoors or outdoors.

Nevertheless, before you start out the big ladder to install your garland on the sprocket of the house, remember to check the IP standard. For outdoor use, it must be at least IP 24.

Be careful, you should never install garlands designed for indoors.

LED garlands even without electricity...

If on the occasion of a family party or between friends, you want to impress your guests, so invest in some LED battery garlands. To decorate a table or any other place in the house when there is no outlet nearby. Compared to their electric girlfriends, they are less long, less powerful but just as nice! Their lifespan is on average 35 hours. Beyond simply change the batteries...

To decorate your garden even without electricity, opt for LED solar garlands. Thanks to the solar collectors that store energy all day, at nightfall, you will have the pleasure of seeing your garden covered with a thousand bright spots. These wreaths come in any length and color just like their sisters running on the sector. Of course, the higher the quality of the solar panel, the more light your garland will receive (an average of ten hours per night when the battery is fully charged)

Little trick: Remember to clean the solar panels regularly by gently wiping a damp cloth on their surface. In fact, the cleaner the surface, the more it will fulfill its role of energy sensor.

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