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Gas central heating is the most used of all heating systems because it allows to connect directly to the city gas and requires very little installation work. Propane gas is also appreciated in remote areas where it is possible to store a storage tank. It's up to you to choose the right energy that best suits the current configuration of your home.

Propane gas or natural gas?

In a gas central heating system, the water circulating in the radiators or underfloor heating is heated by the gas that is burned inside a boiler. Gas central heating works propane gas or natural gas.

  • Propane gas also called LPG, is a liquefied gas. It is less and less used because it is subject to increases in the price of oil and a very polluting source of energy. However, it is very popular for its performance and speed of heating. Propane gas requires having a storage tank available.
  • Natural gas, Also called city gas, is cheaper than fuel oil or electricity. It is very convenient because it does not require any particular installation. It arrives directly to your home through a tap.

Equipment for gas central heating

Depending on whether you choose propane gas or natural gas, you will need to choose a different boiler model. Boilers running on natural gas are easier to install because the gas comes directly into your home through a tap. With natural gas, it is also useless to provide a storage tank unlike propane gas. To improve the efficiency of your gas boiler, choose a model with condensation or low temperature. Your thermal comfort will be the same while using less hot water. This type of boiler will also save you money on your heating bill.

How much does the gas central heating cost?

To heat yourself with natural gas, know that you have to invest between 1500 and 6000 euros (hardware and installation included). add 100 euros per year for maintenance and between 70 and 100 euros of monthly bill.
Use propane gas to warm you up requires to have a budget a little more important. Count a starting investment between 2000 and 7000 euros (equipment and installation) then an annual expenditure of 65 euros for the interview. You will then have to add 225 euros a year for the maintenance and rental of the tank and a monthly invoice between 130 and 150 euros.

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