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The current gas stoves have a life of about 10 years. They are however subject to various breakdowns, often due to a lack of maintenance or simply wear and tear. Inventory of incidents from the most common to the rarest.

Gas stove down: causes and solutions

Gas stove down: causes and solutions

Flame does not come on or stay stable

If your gas stove is equipped with a piezo or button ignition system and the flame does not arrive, it may be the cause. To check test with a match. When you are sure of the diagnosis, the most cautious is to call upon convenience store.
If the flame, either with a match or with an ignition button, goes out after a few seconds, it is the thermocouple or thermometer, which is defective. Unless you are an expert, call a specialist.

No flame on one of the burners only

There can be two reasons. It may just be that the burner in question is clogged. In this case, remove the "rosette" or "crown" and pass it to the hot water. Do not hesitate to use a needle to open one by one, each hole in the room.
If you do not get any results, turn to the injector, which may also be clogged. To unclog it, pass a needle through the gas inlet. Turn on again, the incident should be resolved.

Other breakdowns

Yes the flames are too big Compared to normal and soft, ask yourself if you changed gas type, which would explain the problem. If you have bottles, check to see if they have not been damaged or if you have not made the mistake between butane and propane.

If on the contrary, the flames are very small or only partially cover the home, turn to the slow ones. They can be poorly adjusted. In this case, consult the instructions for use of your gas stove to loosen or tighten the By-pass screw located under each button.

Your injectors may also be defective. It is then a matter of changing them. Refer to the instructions to guide you and note precisely the references therein. Do not try to interchange them. Each burner has a specific injector according to its function: soft fire, medium, strong.

In general, do only simple manipulations. If you are unsure, call a professional to avoid any gas related accidents.

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