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Often dethroned by electric water heaters, gas water heaters can actually be an interesting investment, especially suitable for families. It is difficult to find your way among all the offers available on the market. So how to choose the model best suited to your needs and at what price? Here are some tracks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the gas water heater

The gas water heater uses butane or propane to produce hot water. It comes in several models: bath heater, instantaneous water heater or working by accumulation.

Unlike electric models, water is heated using a burner and not a resistor.

In any case, it has many strengths:

  • It can quickly be a profitable investment
  • Its performance is correct
  • It consumes much less energy than electrical equivalents

Some disadvantages are also to be taken into account:

  • The instant model can not be installed in a room or bathrooms for example. It must be able to benefit from a natural ventilation of the window type.
  • It is rather polluting
  • Often more expensive to buy than models of electric water heaters

Instant gas or storage water heater?

The instantaneous gas water heater provides hot water on demand and therefore unlimited, the water heater does not have a storage tank. This solution sometimes has its limits, the temperature of the water may indeed lack homogeneity. Otherwise, the instantaneous gas water heater must be installed as close as possible to the water points to be fed. This rather economical solution is ideal as a supplement.

The storage gas water heater for its part, it provides hot water using a burner and a storage tank. It is more responsive than its electrical equivalent and just as secure.

For example, the prices observed on specialized sites:

  • Instant gas water heater: 240 to 990 €
  • Gas water heater: 650 to 1040 €

In any case, you should ask yourself about your energy consumption and your habits:

  • Who is likely to use hot water?
  • How often?
  • How many water points is my house equipped with?
  • Are there idle periods (work, school) or on the contrary, several people are likely to use hot water at the same time?

Feel free to compare the offers available and to seek the advice of professionals.

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