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Buying a thermal chainsaw is an investment! But to make it profitable and to make it last, this cutting tool must be regularly maintained. Our practical tips from DIYers so that chain, guide or engine do not wear too fast.

Maintain your thermal chainsaw after buying it

    Sharpen the chain of a chainsaw

    For cutting in good conditions, it is essential that the chain cuts perfectly.

    If so, the chips are large and abundant. Otherwise, dismantle and sharpen the chain.
    This work can be done by yourself or entrusted to a professional (distributor or after-sales service of a large do-it-yourself area).

    Lubricate the chain

    To change the chain, clean the drive system or check the guide, remove the chain drive housing from the side where the chain brake lever is located.

    Driven by a pinion at the motor output, the chain runs continuously on the guide which has a free pinion at its end. The guide bar assembly is permanently lubricated by an automatic system comprising an oil tank and a pump.
    It is necessary always use a special oil.

    Return the chain guide

    The guide has a groove whose thickness corresponds to that of the chain drive links.

    They slide in the groove. But it wears out, especially in the lower section. If its edges become too flared, you must change the guide. At each regrinding, you must return the guide (it is reversible). Its rear part is pierced with two opposite holes. Only one of these orifices is used in the direction of assembly of the guide. It receives a lug movable by a set screw which acts on the tension of the chain. When reassembling the guide, this assembly must be respected.

    Check the chain tension

    The string type is specified by the constructor. It must be mounted with its gouges facing forward. The crankcase nuts are tightened moderately. The tension is then ensured by the adjusting screw.
    It is considered correct if the chain slides easily by actuating it by hand.

    Points to check on the engine of a thermal chainsaw

    The air filter
    It is often a block of foam that gets dirty with saw dust. Unlike dry paper filters that clean with compressed air, it is washable.
    The exhaust outlet
    Fixed on the side of the cylinder, facing the exhaust ports, the silencer is held by two studs. Its removal eliminates scratching any deposits of scale.
    The launcher
    If the handle does not return fully, the return spring may be "tired". Before changing it, we can try to shorten the cord by making it take another turn around the throwing pulley.

    Remove the housing

    disassemble the casing of a chainsaw

    • To remove the drive housing, unscrew the two retaining nuts.
    • Operate the upper lever to disengage the brake and remove the cover.

    Clean the inside of the housing

    cleaning a chainsaw cover

    • The interior of the housing comprises a strap operated by the lever which surrounds the clutch pulley.
    • Remove the agglomerated sawdust and oil.

    Clean the guide

    cleaning the chain guide of a chain saw

    • Remove the chain and guide that is no longer maintained.
    • Pour white spirit into a container and brush clean the guide groove.
    • Finish with the tip of a crooked knife.

    Clean chain and housing

    degrease a chain saw casing

    • Clean the drive mechanism of the chain and the inside of the housing with white spirit.
    • When reassembling, the adjustable pin of the housing must be positioned in the guide housing.

    Adjust housing, guide and chain

    set the engine of a chainsaw

    • Replace and tighten the two crankcase nuts a little.
    • Actuate the adjusting screw to act on the pin. He moves the guide slightly and stretches the chain.
    • Tighten both nuts firmly.

    Clean the engine

    clean up the engine of a chainsaw

    • The engine can get dirty at the exhaust.
    • Remove the hood secured by two long screws and clean the inside.
    • Scrape the exit with the knife without scratching the metal.

    Wash the filtering foam

    washing the filtering foam of a chainsaw

    • Remove the lid to extract the filter foam.
    • It is washed with white spirit, pressed by hand and impregnated with engine oil before reassembly.

    Clean and adjust the candles

    cleaning the candles of a chainsaw

    • Clean the spark plug electrodes with a wire brush.
    • Adjust their spacing using the dipstick (0.5 mm).
    • Coat the thread with graphite grease resistant to heat.

    Test the automatic lubrication of a chainsaw chain

    • To check the correct operation of the automatic chain lubrication system, point the tip of the fence towards the ground or board. Without touching them, accelerate: the chainsaw chain must project a dash of oil droplets.
    • As thermal engines are of the two-stroke type, use a good quality semi-synthetic oil and mix it with unleaded gasoline 95 in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer (usually 2 to 3%).

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