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Gate for fence in rigid panels

The fence in rigid panels (subject of a particular sheet under the heading "Fence and barriers") can be completed by a metal gate completely in accord with the nature of the fence.

Necessary material

  • milestones
  • Cordeau
  • Louchet or spade
  • Trowel
  • Cement (CEM1, 32.5 N)
  • Sand
  • Panels
  • posts
  • Hooks
  • Stop Parts
  • sleeves
  • Gonds

Gate for fence in rigid panels: panels

1 First mount the hinges at one of the posts. Four hinges are needed to secure the door. They pass right through the post and must be bolted securely. A counter nut, located on the inside, makes it easy to adjust these hinges.

Gate for fence in rigid panels: rigid

2 Place the pole on the floor, arrange the door and thread the hinge pin. Threaded at its lower end, the axis can therefore receive a locking nut.

Gate for fence in rigid panels: rigid

3 The other pole receives the strike to stop the bolt of the lock. It is easily screwed: a location and threaded holes are provided to receive it.

Gate for fence in rigid panels: gate

4 Now place the post with the strike parallel to the post with the lock. Adjust the assembly so that the bolt is exactly in front of the striker. To maintain the desired gap, place a block of wood between the outside of the door and the post. Block them together with a carpenter's clamp.

Gate for fence in rigid panels: fence

5 Dig the holes in the spade to receive the posts. Their depth must be carefully calculated because the posts have holes in which the free cross members of the rigid grid panels are slipped. Carry the set (the gate and the two poles) to place it between two panels.

Gate for fence in rigid panels: panels

6 Now proceed to the sealing of the posts, made with concrete. The poles will be subjected to greater efforts than the stakes of the fence, chock their feet with large stones, placed at the bottom of the hole. Pour a concrete liquid enough to infiltrate between the stones. Before it takes, check the verticality of the post with a bubble level. Also check the horizontality of the top rail of the gate. Correct a possible defect by tapping lightly on the top of one of the two stakes; hold the pole holes facing the horizontal cross members of the fence. Maneuver the lock striker to see if it is locked. Only remove the clamps after setting and drying the concrete completely.

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