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Useful at the passage of pedestrians, the gate is a declination of the gate consists of a leaf, which enters the lengthening of the fence. Asset charm ensuring the harmony of the property, the gate also brings other benefits. Presentation of the different types of gates.

The garden gate

The garden gate

The functions of the gate

For a very long time, the gate has been known and used as a specific entrance for pedestrians between the exterior and the interior of the property. In addition to being a elegant dress, Its function is to delimit access, in the continuity of the gate and the garden fence, but also to secure it and protect against malicious intrusions.

This one is also very used to offer a second solution of entry and exit of the property, in particular by the back of the garden. We find very often this kind of development by the sea, where the gate is a means of direct access to the beach.

Also, for several years, new functions are associated with gates. We distinguish on the one hand the pool gates, which make it possible to secure access to them and thus to avoid the risk of falling children, and secondly garden gates, which are a way of separating the relaxation space from that of cultures.

The criteria to take into account when choosing a gate

In addition to the budget, the acquisition of a gate depends on several determining factors.

In the first place, it is advisable to inquire, near the town hall, on the regulation in force on your commune. Some of them lay down very precise rules concerning the delimitation of properties, particularly in terms of heights and materials, or even require the issue of prior authorization.

Once this prerogative is verified, you can then ask yourself about the choice of a gate, which is preferably in harmony with the gate and the fence. To do this, your attention will focus on the material of the gate (PVC gate, iron gate, or alu for example). For each of them, you will consider its robustness, its life, its conditions of maintenance, and the values ‚Äč‚Äčassociated with it. Thus, for a natural tone, you will go to a wooden gate, while for a chic and elegant, you will move towards an iron gate.

Finally, you will be sure to select an available door according to the appropriate dimensions, which can, according to your needs, be equipped with a safety mechanism.

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