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Traditional material, the wooden gate combines classicism, aestheticism and natural, and is often associated with ecological virtues. In addition, it adapts perfectly to properties already delimited with a fence and a wooden gate. Presentation.

Wooden gates

Wooden gates

Characteristics of wooden gates

As with fences, wood is very widely used in the manufacture of gates. The material is indeed easy to work and offers many possibilities.

Regarding the different wood species first of all, the wicket can be pine, pine, oak, chestnut, spruce or teak. Also, the distinction must be made with composite wood which is an association of natural wood and PVC.

In terms of style then, the wooden wicket can be full or added, with some round or flat bars, upright in vertical or horizontal position, or crisscrossed to each other, and to round or pointed finishes. There are also unstructured models for contemporary design.

In terms of dimensions, it is generally between 90 and 100 centimeters in width, and 80 and 180 centimeters in height. It is also available to measure.

Finally, for the shades, the wooden gate usually retains its natural aspect, clear or dark, and protected from a coating.

Price of wooden gates

The gate prices are very variable from one product to another. Starting at around 40 euros for entry range, they can reach up to 800 euros for the most sophisticated models.

In addition to the dimensions, these price differences can be explained by the fact that the gate is supplied with its accessories (hardware, locking system), whether it is motorisable or not. The wood used is also decisive, according to its origin (certified PEFC) and the nature of the treatment it has received against the wear of time.

Regarding the places of purchase, the wooden gate is acquired in DIY superstores or from specialized manufacturers.

Maintenance of wooden gates

Although treated, the wood for door must receive a particular maintenance to continue. For the simplest models, a stain should be applied to feed and protect the wood, about every two to three years. For those of higher quality wood or having received a very sharp treatment at the base, as for spruce for example, a water cleaning with a non-abrasive brush may be suitable.

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