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Robustness, elegance and aesthetics are the main assets of iron. Also, like gates, gates in this area are widespread, from the simplest models to the most sophisticated. Presentation of iron gates.

A wide selection of iron gates

Ideal to accompany a wrought iron fence, there is a wide range of iron gates to meet the tastes and needs of each owner. There are several types of iron gate, according to:

  • Filling: The gate may be full, that is to say fully covered with a sheet metal panel that offers maximum discretion, openwork, or semi-openwork, that is to say, full on the lower part and open on the upper part;
  • The bar: This can be vertical and / or horizontal, square or flat, smooth or with moldings. Regarding finishes, these can be straight or in the form of cocked hat;
  • The dimensions: Generally, the gates measure 100 centimeters in length and between 140 and 220 centimeters in height. For more specific entries, they can be made to measure;
  • Colors: Mostly black, the iron can also be many shades such as cream, water green or blue sailor for example.

In most cases, the iron gates are manufactured to receive a lock closure system. Some models can also be equipped with a motorization.

Prices of iron gates

Sold more expensive than wooden gates, iron gates cost to buy between 60 and 800 euros in DIY superstores, this cost does not include installation, the manual closing mechanism or the possible motorization.

For the most upscale models and custom-made by professionals, such as ironworkers, the prices can nevertheless exceed this average, taking into account in particular the particular dimensions and the personalization and the quality of the finishes.

The advantages and disadvantages of iron gates

Recognized for its solidity, the iron brings timeless charm to the gate. In addition, worked by a professional, the material offers many possibilities of finishing (moldings in relief on the solid parts, barreaudage declined in decoration sun or in symmetrical art...).

Nevertheless, the iron gate is one of the most expensive on the market which can be a brake for some owners. In addition, the material has the disadvantage of being particularly sensitive to rust although there are many solutions today to protect it against corrosion.

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