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A custom-made entrance door is ideal when you want to bring a touch of originality to your home. And when our door does not have standard dimensions, it's simply a must.

A tailor-made entryway

A tailor-made entryway

Why a custom door?

Door dimensions now meet a standard (NF P 01 005). The doors sold in the trade therefore have standard dimensions. They are most commonly 215 cm high and 90 cm wide.

But there are also larger models, designed for double doors: 215cm high and 180 cm wide. And doors of less high: 200 cm high for 180cm or 190cm wide.

If you build your house, no problem. But if we have acquired an old house that we renovate and that the dimensions of the front door do not fall within the current standards, impossible to find in the trade a door that will adapt.

In this case, there are not 36 solutions, there is only one: make his entryway to measure!

Customized entry door: who to call?

As often when you have to equip your home, you have the choice between two possibilities: to call a specialized company, or find happiness in a big DIY store.

If before the services that could be found in DIY stores were quite limited, they are now almost as complete as for a specialized company.

And we do not do it alone: ​​we are supported from A to Z by the store, which begins by studying our request depending on the dimensions of our door. From there, we get a quote. If we validate it, we just have to wait for the delivery and the installation of our door!

However, if we want a little more specific services, like duplicate an existing door model, reuse the wrought iron gates of our old door on the new one, etc.better call a specialist who will take care of everything!

Anyway, we never engage before having made several quotes.

Customize your custom-made entryway

Since our front door was designed specifically for our home, enjoy it so that it is unique and it shows!

We can choose the model from the catalogs well supplied by the manufacturer, the material (aluminum door, wood, PVC, steel, glass...), the color, the type of opening, the texture of the glazing...

And for an original and personalized door, we can opt for special finishes: small decorations, double glazed tiles to let in the light...

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