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Every owner of a property that is part of an ensemble divided into several lots, whether it is a dwelling or a commercial space in a building or a house, must 'pay condominium fees. In this respect, the so-called general are distinguished from the so-called special ones. Focus on general expenses in co-ownership.

Definition of the general expenses of co-ownership

General expenses of co-ownership are defined as the current expenses relating to the common elements, and considered as such, of the immovable or the house divided into different lots.
Like the special charges, the payment of general expenses is the responsibility of all the owners of the condominium, without one of them can claim to avoid it, even if it is not specifically concerned. by an expense in particular.

Different types of general expenses of co-ownership

The general expenses of co-ownership are classified in three categories:

  • The interviewThey include, among other things, the cleaning of common areas, the exit of garbage cans, the maintenance of green spaces and the electricity of common areas. It is essentially the purchase of products or supplies, and personnel costs;
  • The conversation: These correspond to all the works necessary to preserve and improve the general condition of the building as a whole. Renovation, roof repairs, or renovation of halls and stairwells fall into this category;
  • administrationThese are, for example, the taxes and duties that the common elements are subject to, the insurance of the co-ownership, and the remuneration of a custodian and the management fees by a professional trustee if applicable.

Distribution and payment of general expenses of co-ownership

The general expenses of co-ownership are most often called quarterly; we usually talk about a call for funds. They are divided among the different owners according to the share of each, so that all do not necessarily pay the same amount.
Also, it is not uncommon, for the expenses of conservation, which constitutes a very important item of expenses, that they are invoiced separately by the professional trustees, within the framework of calls for special funds called "work".

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