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The generator is a device providing a source of mobile power. This unit can be used for backup when there is a shortage of electricity or used regularly when there is no connection to the sector.

How does a generator work?

The generator runs on various fuels: gasoline, diesel, natural gas, biofuels, fuel for the most powerful or LPG. It is an autonomous device. Electricity is produced by a generator like a dynamo for a direct current or an alternator that produces alternating current.

The generator, to produce current, must receive a rotary motion executed by a heat engine that moderates its speed of rotation according to the load.

Generator for the house: why?

The use of a generator for the home is ideal when it is isolated, if it undergoes many cuts or if it is not connected to the electrical network. It is a reliable solution to power all appliances in the house and the cheapest.

Owning a home generator makes it possible to compensate untimely breakdowns (network shutdown, accidents, bad weather, maintenance).

The choice of the generator is based on its power. It will depend on the devices to feed. Some models are noisy and / or energy intensive. It is advisable to choose a quiet, energy-efficient one while being able to work for long periods.

Generator: connect it to the house

As far as possible, the generator must be equipotentially bonded to the earth of the building in order to avoid the propagation of electrical potential. It is necessary to install an inverter on the network of the house so that it does not feed the generator and vice versa. When the power is turned off, the toggle switches to allow the group to take over.

The position of the generator is not random. The group works with a combustion engine that emits toxic exhaust gases. The group is therefore either outside the homeeither in a room supplied with air and equipped with a specific evacuation system.

It must be fixed on a concrete slab and must not be a sound and odorous gene for neighbors.

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