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Auxiliary essential to have an independent power supply in all circumstances, the generator is also a good companion for your outdoor work.

Essay, text and photos: Alain Fuksa


Manufacturer: SDMO
Reference: Neo 1000
Engine: 4-stroke OHV
Maximum power: 900 W
Current: AC 230 V - 3.1 A
Tank capacity: 2 liters
Autonomy: up to 4 hours
Engine oil: SAE 15W40, 0.16 liter crankcase
Dimensions: W 44.7 x W 26 x H 38.7 cm
Sound level: 70 dB (A) at 7 meters
Weight: 3 kg
Warranty period: 2 years
Price generally found: 320 Euros

Getting started and use

The model tested is the first of a range of materials intended for the general public. It comes with a tool pocket, an extension cord, a spark plug and a protective cover. The crankcase oil is not supplied but the can is. Filling takes place after removing a side hatch. The cap is not easy to access: you need a clamp to unlock if it is tight. The gas cap placed on the top of the group is much more accessible. It has a sieve filter and an air vent during operation.

Opening the fuel lever, adjusting the filler cap on the air vent, action on the choke and pull on the rope of the launcher: the engine starts! As for a mower, just cut the starter for the engine to take its rhythm. Our tests with different machines (hedge trimmer, hand grinder, watering pump and lighting) leave a good impression. When a device is turned on, the group accelerates to match the power demand and then resumes normal operation. Everything is designed for trouble-free use: "eco" mode (reduces consumption if the need is limited to 400 W), overload indicator, automatic shutdown in case of lack of oil... Only precaution to take: a group generator is always used outdoors.
What power?
The first reflex is to add the wattage of the devices you want to run. If this calculation applies to stable consumption (a spotlight: 200 W), consider the peaks at startup: a freezer can consume up to five times its power when the engine starts again. In case of power failure, think about it when connecting multiple devices. Versions 2,000 and 3,000 W will be marketed soon.


  • The polypropylene shell presentation, weight / power ratio: 13 kg for 900 W.
  • The "inverter" technology provides a stable current, compatible with equipment with strong electronic components (computer, TV...).

The lessers

  • The oil filler hole. Not very accessible, it forces to use a funnel enough tapered.
  • Called "soundproof", this device is "a little less noisy" than most models on the market.

Our opinion

DIY outdoors, garden maintenance, caravanning, boating... The applications are multiple and the operation very simple. Another good point: the inverter type regulation makes it possible to have a stable and quite powerful current.

Plug access impractical

Plug access impractical

Starting oil filling or level control, access to the cap is impractical.

A powerful group

A powerful group

No problem with an 800 W concrete mixer. Even with this 2,000 W grinder (ø 230), the group provides enough power.

Video Instruction: SDMO Booster 1000 Portable Generator