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A house occupied by tenants, presents cracks, plastered detachments, sinister declaration made before 10 years the expert of the insurance manufacturer indicates that the damage does not engage the solidity of the structure (only aesthetic) therefore not of support, (neither RC, neither decen nor damage works) the expert of my home insurance concludes that it is about a defect of implementation of the structure under the responsibility of the company (manufacturer and companies in bankruptcy) this expert evaluates the repair work to 15000 € the municipality is not recognized (natural disaster drought) at this stage, do I have a recourse?

If the house is less than 10 years old at the time of the declaration of the facts, the property damage insurance makes it possible to compensate for the eventual disappearance of the builder and / or of the company, since the damage observed falls within the decennial period.. It is she who must be activated in the present situation, and for this type of disorders. Before taking legal action, have an expert report confirmed that the disorders are in the decennial. If this is the case and in case of refusal, it remains to move towards the judicial way.

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