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Whether to change it, remove it or paint it, picking up a radiator from the wall requires following a few steps.

Unhook an electric radiator from the wall

To pick up an electric radiator from the wall, turn off the power first. Before you begin to handle your device, check that it is cold.

Lift the radiator and lift it off the wall. To pick up some electric heaters, you will need to press a tab on the back of the unit.

Once the unit is unhooked from the wall, all you have to do is disconnect the wires connected to the junction box. Your radiator is thus completely disassociated from the wall!

To hang up your electric heater, replace it on its brackets, then attach the safety tabs. Reconnect the wires to the junction box. Do not hesitate to refer to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer!

Unhook a water radiator from the wall

To unhook a water radiator from the wall, empty it completely. To do this, purge it first by simply loosening the bleed screw or the bleeder. Put a basin or container underneath to collect the water that flows out once all the air is out of the device. Then leave the bleed screw open.

Now empty the radiator of its water. To do this, unscrew the nut of the water return valve. Do it gradually. Once all the radiator water has drained, you can remove the nut completely to unhook the radiator.

You can now unhook the radiator by lifting it up. You release him from his feet or his support.

To hang up your water radiator on the wall, reposition it on its support. Screw on the water inlet valve and the water return valve nut. Then open the water supply and the water return valve. Start your heating, checking the pressure. Do a control purge a few days later.

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