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My house built in 1990 near Lyon, is invaded in the heyday of lizards (6 to 15 cm) that climb everywhere outside, sometimes come through the doors and windows open, and hide under the tiles, the holes between curtain and walls, sheet metal, etc., and manage to sneak between placo ceilings and glass wool, making noise at night, because they can not get out. These little beasties not bad are still annoying. How to get rid of it, because they proliferate quickly.

Do not kill lizards that get rid of many insects, including mosquitoes, but also worms, spiders and caterpillars that devour your plants in the garden. If these harmless creatures really bother you, put mosquito nets in your windows and fences under your tiles. They will go their way! Perhaps you can also try to create protective barriers with a repellent.

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